What is Art gallery for all? This project grew out of my final year university work where I was exploring the ideas of access to arts and the general level of involvement and participation in art activities by a wide range of people. I determined that whatever the reason there were a great many people who did not either have access to the arts or did not avail themselves of what was available, I thought well, perhaps we bring the art to the people instead and see what happens.

The idea is to encourage artists to “install” a piece of work in the gallery, the gallery is the whole world. They photograph their work, send a submission via THIS LINK and then I will add all the details to the “gallery guide” which is this map



This project is open to artists working in any medium anywhere in the world and the hope is that people will find these pieces, take them home with them and feedback to the project via this blog or Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags

#artgalleryhere #artgalleryforall #freerangeart